Julie’s Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions:

The Client is advised that the commencement of any services offered by Julie’s Pet Care means that these terms have been read, understood and accepted by the Client.

1 These general terms and conditions are designed to be used with the booking form completed for all customers. Any booking where information has not been completed and signed by the customer will NOT be covered by Julie’s Pet Care Insurance.

2) A small deposit is payable in order to secure the booking of 20% and is non refundable unless agreed by myself in extenuating circumstances. The balance is payable on drop off in cash or cheque payable to Julie Stacey

3) For customers who require regular dog walking services,  payment in cash at the end of each week is required or one month’s payment in advance.

4) Should I or a volunteer  be bitten or otherwise exposed to any disease or ailment received from the client’s pet, the client shall be responsible for all payment of costs incurred by the carer in receiving treatment and subsequent care plus any legal costs arising as a consequence.

5) All dogs are required by law to have an identification tag and collar with the owner’s name and address.  Julie’s Pet Care reserves the right not to walk dogs without this required identification in place. I can provide tags at no extra cost that are removed when the dog leaves. Please ask for details.  It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that leads, collars, harnesses etc., are in good condition and fit correctly to ensure their animal’s safety at all times.
6) The client confirms that all pets are fully vaccinated, have up to date flea and worm treatments, are not in heat, and in good health (unless so stated in information sheet) I will ask to see certificates of vaccinations for all dogs.
7) Dogs must be sociable with other dogs, people and children.  I am unable to accept dogs with aggression problems towards other dogs or people or those dogs subject to the terms of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. If your pet(s) behaviour or condition which in my view prohibits Julie’s Pet Care for caring for them, the client authorises their pet(s) to be placed in a traditional boarding establishment or other suitable accommodation with all charges incurred payable by the client. There will be a minimum £20 charge for transporting the animal in this instance plus mileage costs. Clients must make me aware of any unsociable, violent or otherwise undesirable behaviour prior to the booking. Failure to disclose any relevant information may result in the customer being liable for any costs that arise through the actions that could have been prevented through the disclosure of this information. This includes but is not limited to cleaning costs, furniture repair, damage to personal items, and kennelling costs.

8) All dogs will remain leashed whilst walking unless prior agreement and written permission has been received from the client.
9) I reserve the right to use my personal judgement to cut short a walk in the best interests of your dog if I think it necessary, e.g. in the event of severe weather conditions, injury, mobility issues, age of dog etc., Dog walking may be cancelled if deemed dangerous to your dog or myself. In this instance I will check on your dog and let them out into the garden if possible, play with them etc. The client realises that I may have several dogs to check on and so realises that this type of visit will be for as long as I can manage. If for any reason I cannot get to your home I will inform you as soon as possible.

10) Julie’s Pet Care is insured by Cliverton Insurance and covers public liability as well as full care and custody of animals and key cover. Full details are available on request.
11) The Client agrees that Julie’s Pet Care may make any decisions regarding their pets health providing it is acting in the best interest of the pet and is on the advice of a qualified veterinary practitioner.  If your pet requires veterinary attention during the course of the booking, no matter how it was incurred, I will arrange for your pet to see a veterinary surgeon. This may incur additional mileage (40p per mile) and time charges at a cost of £20 per hour. The cost of this must be paid in full to me within 7 days of completion of the booking. All veterinary fees are the client’s responsibility.

12)If you request to terminate my services once a booking has commenced , no refund will be given
13) You agree to supply enough food for the duration of your pet’s board or home visits plus water and food bowls, bedding, lead and any toys which will help your dog to settle. Any additional expenses incurred by me during the course of the booking must be paid directly to me within 7 days of the end of booking. This may include, but is not limited to, additional food, emergency home repairs, emergency kennels and vets bills and will all be supported with receipts. If your dog damages any item in my home I will ask you to cover the cost of said item.  This includes but is not limited to damage caused by chewing, ripping or soiling.
14) If the client fails to collect the pet at the agreed time without informing me as to why, after 7 days the pet becomes the property of me and a charge of £30 per extra day that the dog is not collected will be payable.

15) I reserve the right to decline or terminate a booking.   

Booking Formhttp://www.juliespets.co.uk/Julies_Pet_Care/Julies_Forms_files/Pet%20Information.pdf