Julie’s Pet Care Services

I Care While You’re Not There

  1.     No cold kennels

  2.     Playtime & tender loving care

  3.     Dog will stay in my home

  4.     Daily feeding routine maintained

  5.     Dog will be treated as one of the family

  6.     Dog will be walked during the day

  7.     Dog will have access to the secure garden all day

  1.     From 08.00 to 18.00 (Extra hours can be catered for)

  2.     Playtime and loving care

  3.     Dog will stay in my home

  4.     Dog will be walked

  5.     Feeding if required (Supply Own Food)

  6.     Access to secure garden

  1.     Dog washed in luxury shampoo

  2.     Ears cleaned, claws clipped

  3.     Fully groomed

  4.     City and Guilds Qualified

   Dog Boarding

    Doggy Day Care

    Dog Grooming

Includes Hamsters, Gerbils, Chinchillas etc.

  1.     Feeding

  2.     Cage Cleaning

  3.     Pets can board at my home, if cage is supplied

    Small Pet Care

    Cat Care

  1.    Feeding

  2.    Litter tray cleaning

  3.    Play

  4.    Kittens to Geriatrics

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